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Cry me a river

Why is it that Mr. Vermeil cries so much? I don't think I am the only one who thinks this guy is a little pussy either. In fact, in my desperate attempt to find a picture of him crying (you would think this would be pretty easy since he does it almost every press conference) I stumbled across this:

Odds Set at 100-1 That Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil Will Cry on Camera During the Game .

that's freakin crazy. I'm wondering if it counts or not since he did it after the game. I'm not sure if he was crying or not when he gave Trent Green a big hug after winning the game. Even that might not count since the clock was at zero. I bet he was crying already when he made the call and was seeing his season flashing right before his eyes. What a funny guy.

In other NFL news, some cheerleaders were involved in some bad behavior at a local Banana Joe's in Tampa. We used to have one of those clubs here but I think they got shut down for similar behavior and stuff. Gabe, this one is for you and your professional cheerleader fantasies. Maybe when they make that cheerleader channel you want so bad they could include their off the field "activities".

Go Colts!