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Does Craig Sager know you did this?

This place looks like Craig Sager's dream home and it sits about two blocks from where I live. For about a year and a half I have lived on this nice little street in a modest brick building. Now every time I go outside I am blinded by the hot pink rays down the street. I don't know what got into these people. Actually, I think I might have an idea. There is this place on the lower level called Pambiche and it's actually a wonderful place to eat. I am guessing that the owners of this place own the whole building and thought that they would extend the flavor of Cuba a little beyond the restaurant. That is my best guess. They have also put a huge neon Cuban flag on the other side of the building. By neon I mean electric neon, like a Budweiser sign at a bar only 20 times bigger. You will just have to drop by sometime and take a look at this circus of a building. It's pretty great.