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Give me coffee and T.V.

according to this site that I have been seeing around it would take 127 cups of coffee to kill me. Since I have already had probably twice that amount in 2005 alone I will assume that this calculation is based on continuous consumption.

Some other stats:

401.47 cans of Coca-Cola Classic + Me = Death.

After 248.18 cans of Mountain Dew, I'd be pushing up daisies.

If I eat 68.25 Dexatrim I would die.

It would take 1,516.67 Hershey's Chocolate Bars to put me down.

Yeah. I realize this is all useless information. That's what happens when you have a blog and your wide awake, yet tired, at 7am. I know, your saying "its 922am according to your post time dawg" but I have been up since 7am so I feel I deserve a hall pass on this post. Thank you.

I also learned that a cup of coffee from Starbucks has the same amount of caffeine that seven red bull's do. Craziness.