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If you have been drinking, get a sober person to help.

Well tonight was pretty fun. Lisa's Mom came to Portland this weekend to continue her quest to remodel her daughters apartment. It seems that Lisa's couch is a little outdated so her Mom is coming to the rescue to purchase a new one for her. We went out for dinner and drinks. A couple of drinks turned into a few more and a lot of talk about sex with black men and cool places to hide money from your significant other. It was a blast, thank you Gail for a wonderful evening.

So you are probably wondering "what the hell is this snail doing here?" Well I am glad you asked. If you have been to my apartment you have probably noticed my beautiful fish tank. I started this aquarium action several months ago when I had some extra flow that I didn't know what to do with. I wanted to go all "au natural" (what?) with it so I got the fancy plant gravel and some wood, plants and imported rocks from a beach in California and made my little fishies a nice home. It turns out that with the plants came a nice little collection of snails that I did not notice until today. Well I have notice one or two from time to time but I would just catch and flush if you know what I'm sayin. But today I discovered this to be a greater problem than originally anticipated. Lets just say that over the course of the afternoon/evening I have managed to flush about 30 snails from my lovely fish tank. These guys know how to get it on.

Holler at a playa when you see him in the street!