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I'm a cowboy, I got the night on my side

Well I have had an interesting couple of days. On Wednesday Ryan got a call from Jeff inviting us to come to the coast cause they had an extra room. Every year Jeff, Mindy, Erik, Brad and company go there to celebrate Brad's birthday and this year someone bailed so we were forced to fill in. We were more than happy to get out of town and once I saw the room I kinda wanted to live there.

Anyway, Things started off on the mellow side. We just hung out and had some dinner and beer. Brad cooked a killer lasanga and made some bread that had a mean butter/mayo/garlicky topping. It was quite the dinner. After that we decided to go down to the pool and soak away the dinner. I tossed a couple of balls into the pool and re-assured myself that I would have been a number one pick in the 2001 nfl draft had I not broken my arm in the fifth grade forcing myself out of the starting middle school qb slot and abruptly ending my promissing football career.

So after that the party really got started. The guys (myself, Ryan, Erik, Jeff, Brad and Chad) decided to see what the Seaside nightlife was all about. At the second bar things started getting crazy. We met some "middle aged" women that were sorta hitting on us. We just minded our own business in the corner but they were determined to get something.

When we left bar one of these women decided to follow us out and declare us the "six sexiest motherfuckers she has ever seen on the west coast". She wanted to know where hot guys like us party in Seaside so we told her we were going to the only other bar in town that was still open. It happened to be next door. A short time later (10 minutes tops) she was there, nestled inbetween Brad and Erik. She made herself at home rather quickly and also declared me the sexiest of the six. We had her convinced that we were the Christian rock band Jars of clay. Shortly after she found out we were Christian rock stars her breasts came out. I am not really sure how this developed but it did. I kinda thought she was going to invite herself back to our fancy digs but as we all walked out the door she just took off. Not a word said. She was gone. It was much easier than any of us expected so we just went home and talked about the whole evening and looked at each others pictures.

Well that's that. I'm sure you can find some slight variations and possibly different pictures over on Erik's blog. If you want to view all of the pictures you can click here. All of you better watch out when you go out on the town with me now that I know I am the sexiest guy on the west coast!