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Welcome to the new iStanton Weekly

After hours of intense deliberation I have finally made the decision to move the Weekly page of here to this high-powered blogger site. I am hesitent to call it a "blog" cause I cannot guarentee the high volume of posts that some "bloggers" put out. However, This page should be much easier to update than the old one so I think I should be able to at least double, maybe triple the amount of posts. Yes, I know that makes you want to wet yourself with delight so I will do my best to post a lot and make everyone happy.

Some of the exciting new features include automatic archiving, the option of leaving comments (only good comments or comments on how sexy you think i am), and a killer search feature up top there. This search feature allows you to search my site for keywords so you can find posts accordingly (examples of popular search keywords: madonna, sexy, dreamboat).

So strap yourself to your seat, light a candle and pour yourself a nice glass of white zin cause this new iStanton Weekly page will blow you off your fancy couch if you dont. enjoy people!