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The Hawks are goin to the bowl...the super bowl!

Last year on our way up to watch Seattle play the Rams during week five of the season we heard this really bad Seattle rap song declaring the Hawks were bound for the bowl. It was really bad. However, I'm thinking they should have saved the song for this year cause now I'm a believer and apparently I'm not the only one. That's right people, the Seahawks are going to the super bowl. You heard it here first! This Article is a pretty good one written from another Seahawk fan's perspective. Here is an exert from it:

"I even brainwashed my 4-year-old daughter into saying, "The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl" over and over as our guests arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. (I've found that children are easier to brainwash than adults.)

I just wished her grandmother hadn't laughed in her face."

Anyone care to comment on their pick for the Bowl?