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12.30.2005 remixed

Well my good friend Gabe finally decided to restart his blog. As the Sole Proprietor of I decided it would be wise to let everyone know. You can hear all about his "bad apple" and the large amounts of "trim" he thinks he will receive as a result by viewing his blog.

On a side note: I decided today that I hate remixes. There is one remix I am especially turned off by and that is the new Coldplay one that I seem to hear everywhere. Some royal douchebag decided to remix "Clocks" and its really horrible. First off, Coldplay is not a dance band. In know way is their music similar to dance hall techno.. Second, the song is off their second album, not their most recent one, yet its all over the radio. I just think people need to make their own fucken music. Coldplay is a pretty decent band and "A rush of blood to the head" is a great album.. Lets not ruin it by making crap ass remixes of slow Coldplay songs.. Or any other song for that matter. Maybe techno should just be banned. Maybe its just techno I don't like.

Anyway, I hope all you techno loving fools have a happy new year!