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Tips to improve your blog mileage

You may have noticed that the iStanton blog has a new addition as of last night. That's right, I've got a counter to keep track of how many crazy people look at my page. The only problem I can see is the fact that I visit my own page several times a day just to make sure it's still there. You can view this counter down under the links and stuff.

So you want to improve your mileage too? Looking for more of an audience for your blog? Well I've got some news for you my friend! Here are some suggestions from the one and only Stanton:

1. get a counter!
2. make a bumper sticker with your blog url on it.
3. link my page on your's (a lot of people look at this ya know).
4. post frequently (at least five times a week).
5. paint your url on your boobies and take a picture of it, then post on blog. (women only)
6. see # 1.
7. yell out your url at pedestrians as your driving by them.

I trust that you will find that these suggestions will improve your mileage. You have to get a counter though so you can see just how much better mileage you get after doing these things. If you click on my counter you will be directed to a page where you can receive your own. Pretty neat huh?

I am saddened to learn that Alias will be over after this year. What the hell does Jennifer Garner think she can do without Sloan and Marshall? What about Dixon and her creepy Dad? Is Vaughn really dead? Is Nadia really a man eating zombie? I seriously dont know how they think they can tie up all the loose ends by the end of the season. Perhaps HBO will pick it up and make it into the show it truly deserves to be with lots of nudity and swearing! I will really miss all those late night talks and spontaneous dinners with Sydney and Jack Bristow, the sentimental music videos and the hot women with various hair colors kicking some serious ass all over the world.. This sucks..