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Blazin hip hop dancers..And the Lakers...

So last night Erik and I got spontaneous and decided to go watch what I thought would be a Laker asskicking in Portland. The Lakers ended up losing (as they always have when I have seen them in person in Portland) but it was still an enjoyable experience. Kobe had 41, continuing his hot scoring streak but the rest of the Lakers were duds to say the least.

Anyway, these NBA games are pretty interesting. Here are some of the things I saw:

1. Turning a blind eye towards the leagues attempt to make the NBA less "hip hop" the Blazers have gone away from the traditional Blazer Dancers opting instead for the "Blazer hip hop squad".

2. If you are lucky enough you could win a year's supply of Whoppers at a Blazer game. That's right... One a day for a year!

3. There is some magician type dude out there called "Quick Change" or he's calling his act that.. I have been trying find the website but there does not appear to be one.. Sorry, this is a no link zone.

4. Some people are really weird at basketball games.. Whether it be a strange little man that has playbooks, stat sheets and takes 500 photos on his digicam while at the game or a fat man that wreaks of urine.. There are all kinds at an NBA game.

So basically if you are ever bored and need something entertaining to do I would highly recommend that you go support your local NBA squad and see if you cant nail down free whoppers for the rest of your life while your at it.