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Sunday players..

I'm still trying to figure out what was cooler, the Hawks going to the bowl? Or was it Kobe dropping 81 points on Toronto giving him the second highest point total ever in an NBA game. That's some crazy stuff.. 81 points.. But this year has been all about football baby! This season has been particularly enjoyable with the Seahawk's going crazy on the league after last years disappointing season and yesterday they capped it off by securing their spot in the Super Bowl! That's right, the Seahawk's are going to the Super Bowl! So yeah, in case you missed it yesterday the Hawk's decided to shut down Steve Smith while making that wily Jake Delhomme look like confused schoolgirl on their way to a convincing victory in Seattle. Now we have two long weeks of speculation about whether or not they can do the same thing to the Steelers. Like Erik said in his blog it's always entertaining to sit around and drink beer, eat junk foot and watch all of the commercials but the game isn't always that exciting. But this year it will be, for me anyway. Go Hawks! In case you are wondering I am officially picking the Seahawk's to win the game and I'm thinking the score will be 28-20. You can take my pick to the bank if you would like.