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Sweet Shaun Alexander

I know you are all probably getting tired of me talking about the Seahawks every day but I just can't help it. I became a big fan of football last year after being invited to play in a fantasy football league and its been sucking me in further and further every since. Anyway, this week everyone is talking about the Seahawks matchup with the Panthers in Sunday's NFC championship game. Us Pacific Northwesterners are pretty excited about the chances of our team going to the Super Bowl.. Some get more excited than others and decide to write songs about it. If you really want to hear the song its called sweet Shaun Alexander and it's set to the tune of a really popular song you may have heard. I think its kinda funny when fans make songs about their favorite football team. This one is a lot better than last years "going the the bowl" rap song.. I guess you will just have to listen to find out. Holler at my boy E, who has recently revived his ill communication blog, for alerting me when he heard the song was coming up on today's episode of the Dan Patrick show!