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Have it your way (the whopperettes)

The Super Bowl kinda sucked this year since the zebras decided to crush the Seahawks chances at winning.. But one bright spot though was the premiere of The Whopperettes in one of the longer commercials for the big game. At first I thought it was a really bad commercials but when all of the fixings (dancers dressed up as burger toppings) started piling on top of each other I thought it was pretty tight. Then to top it all off there was Brooke Burke as the top bun. Anyway, If you didn't see the actual commercial you can view it by clicking the super bowl spectacular link from the Whopperettes site (they have a fancy site that only allows me to link the main page so you are going to have to do this yourself!). I assure you, this is well worth your time. You can also build your own customized show where you select what toppings/girls you want piled on your Whopper. This is awesome stuff people! Go check it out.

You might have noticed a change in the Weekly weblog page too. The first addition is the Countdown up on top. This exciting new feature will keep you posted on what is coming up in my world (This week I am turning 31!). Keep your eyes peeled and your calendar updated people! The second change is the format. Please feel free to send your input in the comment section if the colors hurt your eyes or if you think you have some good suggestions for my humble weblog. I will be putting the finishing touches on the new look throughout the week.

On a final note it's sunny in Portland right now. It's so nice to see some of that business after what seems like months of rain. Woot!