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New music and stuff.

I checked out Elbow after seeing Moby on MTV's cribs one day. He was talking about some new music that he was listening to. This was probably 5 years ago or something. Anyway, I was pretty into their CD, Asleep in the back, at the time. After that they released Cast of Thousands and it pretty much kicked ass if you like whiny british hippies like the Doves making pretty good music. So yeah, today I found out that they released another album in 2005. I guess I was sleeping or something but it's called Leaders of the free world. Check it out.

I found this among other albums that I had yet to purchase/rip from friends on some music downloading site called e music after seeing their commercial on TV. Dont get me wrong, no one compares to the wonderful itunes people but this e music site is offereing 25 free downloads just for trying them out. Best of all the downloads are compatible with itunes and your ipod so yeah, you can just go snatch up that elbow cd right now for free if you would like. Just thought I would pass that along.

So does anyone know if Sydney Bristow and Co. are every going to come back to finish up Alias? Damn, it's been something like 3 months since they have bothered airing an episode. ABC kinda sucks like that though. They think they can just make kick ass shows and air new episodes whenever they feel like it. It seems like you never get more than 2 or 3 weeks in a row of new episodes before they start showing the pilot again or just taking a massive vacation altogether. I'm getting kinda tired of it but I guess you get to do whatever you want when you have all of the best shows on TV like Lost, Invasion, Alias and Desperate Housewives.. I guess I will just have to wait as they have yet to officially announce a date for the new episode.

Here is some good news though, Prison Break is coming back on March 20th.