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Since U been gone

So I started watching the grammy's a few minutes ago. The opening act was the Gorillaz and Madonna. It was pretty hot if you ask me. Gorillaz of course were animated and then Madonna came out and apparently she still has some moves. Don't get me wrong, her moves are nothing like they were back in the day when she would crawl around on the floor in a wedding dress singing like a virgin..But they were pretty good. The song she sang almost makes me want to go buy her new album.. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this? Should I buy it and come out of the closet right now? Or should I refrain and continue with my life as I know it?.. Decisions..

Promptly after seeing the new Madonna complete with feathered hair I got to see them hand out the first grammy. When the fuck is Gwen gonna get some love? She got snubbed at the MTV awards and now right off the bat they give Kelly Clarkson the grammy over Gwen! Oh my goodness.. What has the world of music come to. I have to admit that I love the song "Since U been gone" just like everyone else, but come on people, Gwen Stefani rules!

I will refrain from analyzing each performance on my blog.. But I will say that Coldplay sure are a bunch of pussies. I like their music too but Chris Martin is getting a little strange.