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To the underground...

As you already know last night my friends planned a party for my 31st birthday. I really had an awesome time. It's great to hang out with all your friends and do something a little crazy on your birthday. Thanks again to those of you that planned this and to everyone else for coming out. It's also nice to learn that I can still hang with the big boys when it comes to consuming beverages, I wasn't sure I had that in me anymore!

The night started out with Gabe and Erik picking me up at my house and taking me to McFadden's, a popular destination among all the Jenny's and Chad's of Portland. We realized that all the crazy kids don't really go out to the clubs at five in the evening, this time slot is reserved for the 8 minute speed dating crowd. After seeing the 8 minute dater's lets just say that I will never participate in any similar event. Scary!

People gradually wandered into McFadden's while I was preparing myself for the big surprise of the night by drinking Greyhound's with a splash of cran (aka "Seabreeze"). There was an ongoing discussion amongst us old people as to whether or not you are "in your thirties" at age 30, or 31. The party seemed pretty evenly divided in this but I am convinced you are in your thirties at 31, when you are 30 you are just that. Same goes for the forties in case you were wondering.

After wrapping things up at McFadden's we walked around the corner to another bar where we were led to an underground tour of Portland's Shanghai Tunnel's. This part was the surprise that Gabe and Laura masterminded. This was one of those things that I have always wanted to check out as a Portlander but never had so it was pretty fun to finally get the chance to tour Portland's underground! Lots of interesting stories were told by the tour guide and I think we were the only drunk people down there. It was pretty fun but I didn't see any ghosts or smell any prostitutes perfume.

After nearly losing my buzz in the underground we went on to a McMenamins joint up on 23rd. I know, you're thinking "what the hell were you doing in a McMenamins Shane?". Let's just say our first choice of drinking establishments was closed for a freakin Nike party so we just decided to go there so we could see the newly remodeled bar and play some pool. I continued my quest to see how much I could drink in 8 hours there with some greyhounds, seabreezes, shot's and a couple of PBR's. Surprisingly I was one of the last ones standing and only Brandon was finally able to take me down in a game of pool after schooling everyone else to the tune of 6 or 7 straight wins. He only won cause I scratched the 8 too. Bastard!

After everyone decided to puss out Gabe and I came back to the East side and got a beer over at the Tonic Lounge. We spent about 10 minutes thinking about the old days (back when we were 25 without a care in the world) and wondering if the Tonic was really so much cooler back then or if we were just getting old. It was kind of funny going in there for a drink again.

Well that about wraps up what we did last night. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. Can't wait to see what happens when I'm in my Forties! Thanks again to everyone, you guys are awesome!