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After watching the Zag's completely fall apart in tonight's sweet 16 matchup against UCLA I will now have to reconsider my choice for the final four champion.. That was one hell of a loss after being up by a whoppin 17, but they gave it away in the end. I guess thats what the tourney is all about though huh? I was also upset to see that Duke couldn't handle LSU. So yeah, my two favorites are now out. I think I will have to root for the Pac-10 now. That means if UCLA's luck doesn't continue I will be forced to go for the Huskies of good ol' Washington.. I'm sure that Carrie will be happy to see that! I don't really care for UW but I gotta stick to the PAC-10 baby!

That Texas vs. West Virginia game wasn't to bad at the end either.. Hopefully the rest are as exciting as some of tonight's games.