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So it's been something like three days since my last ground breaking blog. Much to my surprise no one has commented on the gay sim's, I'm kinda surprised about this. Maybe all of you already have it and you're building a nice little ranch in Wyoming as we speak. Who knows.

This guy says that you are not special if you blog about your personal life. I think I have done a decent job of not including to much boring stuff about my life in this blog. What do you think? You should read the post though, its pretty funny. I don't know, I guess there just isn't very many interesting things to say about what I do every day so I tend to blog about other stuff like Sasha Cohen, gay sim characters and the Super Bowl. Some people are really good at blogging about their lives though. My good friend Erik is one of them, even though he stole my idea for a name in taking the ierik title. That's ok though, it seemed to start a fad that one fan dubbed as "the iStanton network". Kinda has a nice ring to it huh? Now if all you posers in my network would start blogging we might be on to something!

I have a question for all you readers:

1. Why does everyone yell "haoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh" constantly at college basketball games? I would watch college basketball more if it weren't for this strange phenomenon.. It kinda drives me crazy.

If you think you have a logical explanation, even if it's not logical, let me know in my new comment box. You might notice that I was really bored a couple of nights ago.. did a little overhaul of the comment box.. It's tight. You can comment about that too if you want.