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Don't be such a hater..

Why is everyone so intent on suing apple over their iPod's? It just seems to be getting more and more ridiculous each time. Today I learned that apple has been forced to make some modifications that allow the user to set the maximum volume setting on their pod. After you have changed it you get to protect it with a little password so it cant be changed by anyone but you. See, I would think if it's to loud you would simply turn it down.. If I had a child that had an iPod I would warn him of the dangers of listening to loud music and tell him that if he doesn't want to be deaf in 40 years then he should turn it down. But I guess I'm just not cool enough.. Apparently what you do these days is sue the company that makes the music device and blame it all on them. Come on..

Sometimes it just seems like people are trying to find something wrong with these wonderful devices.. Just face it, apple products are, and always will be superior. Deal with it and move on.. Thank You.