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down the stretch..

I thought I should apologize for the lack of activity around here over this last week. I know it is my duty to post often as there are many of you that check my weblog numerous times every day hoping you might be the first person to view my most recent post.. It has been a pretty busy week so far. Between training at the new job and my last week at the Blue Moon I have been working every single night! Talk about craziness. Anyway, my insane schedule should be over with in a few days so you can look forward to more posts in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

Not much has happened since my last post. I am a couple episodes away from finishing up season 3 of 24 again.. Invasion is taking a break.. Typical ABC move there. I am still in first place in my fantasy basketball league in case you were wondering about that. Only a few more weeks left in the season and I don't plan on relinquishing my role as the #1 fantasy player in the world anytime soon. Fantasy Baseball is next so watch out people!