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down time..

So Blogger's site has been down for something like 4 days.. At least on my computer it has. This is the first time since Friday that I have been able to access it so I apologize for the delay.

So I got a much needed day off on Saturday after working 8 straight or something like that. Gabe and I went out and had a few drinks, played some pool and talked about each others parallel parking skills. After finishing a meal at Dot's we headed back to my place where I found a perfect spot right in front of my door. Upon first glance it looked to small for my car, but after a couple of seconds measuring it up and Gabe's taunting laughs, I decided that no spot is to small and wedged my car into a position that should automatically qualify me for the parallel parking hall of fame! After pondering my amazing skill for a couple of days I have decided to offer parking lessons to those of you who cant seem to nail the art of parallel parking. It will cost you but if you want to be admired by your peers and always get the best spot, you know where to go!

Erik sent me this link today about a man who shot a fifteen year old boy for walking on his lawn. The interesting thing about it is that I used to have a neighbor just like this guy. He never displayed any firearms but he would take polaroids of me and my friends when we walked on his lawn to get my basketball. He would always sit by the window waiting for us to touch his lawn.. One time he came out, beer in hand, and told me to "get the fuck off my lawn". The guy was crazy, but I'm glad he didn't kill me.

Today is my last day at the Blue Moon!