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I'm not sellin my soul for this rap game..

Well I did it.. By it I mean managing to bring my five year McMenamin's career to a close tonight with one last shift. It's kinda strange leaving a job that you have been at for so long. There are some things I will miss but for the most part I am glad to be done with NW Portland and the Jenny's and Chad's.

I recently took the TV Goddess's advice and started watching the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. I have to say its a pretty good show. If you have cable you should watch it sometime. I also found this little clip on one good move tonight. It will give you a little taste of the colbert report so enjoy! Last night also brought the return of one of my favorite new shows, Prison Break. I am a little confused about where the rest of the season will go as it looks like Lincoln will be dead in the next episode. If anyone has any theories on this please indulge me.