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I've got you to thank for this..

I recently discovered a couple of new websites that some of you bloggers might like. The first one is specific to you Oregon bloggers or those of you who are into people in Oregon that have weblogs.. I know you are out there!

The second link I have for you is to the TV Goddess blog. I found this weblog on the link above. See, I have already proved to you how useful the first link can be.

Since I found the TV blog I have been thinking about how much I've come to enjoy watching TV since purchasing my Tivo about a year ago. There are a lot of shows out there that I've become addicted too. Anyway, since I've got my brain on TV I have decided to list my top five television programs for you. I know.. try to refrain from jumping for joy.

  • 24 - Well I guess you can say I am addicted. I Recently bought season 1 at Target for 20 bucks and I just started watching season 3 again. Not to mention the craziness that is day 5. I love this show.
  • The West Wing - I think this will always be one of my favorite shows. Season 5 wasn't as good as the rest but it was still better than most programs out there. The characters in this show are the best.
  • The Unit - This might be a bit premature since I've only seen one episode so far, but any show that has David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) as the main character is a must see.
  • Battlestar Galactica - I like this show so much I bought half of season 2 on iTunes so I could get caught up.
  • Invasion/Lost - I'm just going to lump these two into one entry since they are almost the same show anyway. I'm starting to think that "the others" might be little orange fishies that have taken over the strange island people on Lost.. These are both pretty entertaining shows that I look forward to every week.
Well that sums up my list. You might have noticed some heavy hitters being left out. I was really tempted to put Alias on the list but I'm a little pissed off at them for making me wait so long between freaking episodes. I think I might need to watch the whole beginning of the season to remember what has happened. It's also lame that they are cancelling it. I think Alias could stay on forever, recycling the story line over and over.. Oh well. I guess I will just wait and see who all dies at the end and call it good.