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Late bloomer..

I guess I've sorta been one all my life.. My first girlfriend came at the fresh age of 20 which was also right around the time I was learning how to be cool (at least I think I was).. This would also explain my just figuring out that The Office is a really good show. I know its been on forever and during that time everyone has been raving about it but I don't usually make it a point to watch sit-coms. There are a few I have liked..Arrested Development, and.. I guess that's it unless you call the Aqua teens a situational comedy. So it took me awhile to actually watch an episode and now that I have I decided to let the rest of the world know what a fun show this is to watch. One reason I like it is I think I see a bit of myself in this Dwight character. If there was a "which office character are you?" quiz on myspace there is no doubt in my mind that my result would be Dwight. Awesome huh?! So, speaking of quizzes, which office character are you? Post your answers in my comment box.