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The No Fun League (NFL)

Word on the street is the NFL is going to ban end zone celebrations again this year. I used to get really tired of these arrogant receivers showing everyone up after every TD, after all scoring touchdowns is what they are paid to do isn't it? But after a couple of years playing fantasy football and watching some of these guys celebrate I hate to see the big guys take away all the fun of the game ya know? In remembrance (I'm still holding out hope that the players will do it anyway, or that the league doesn't actually vote for this) I give you my top five end zone celebrations:

  1. The Sprinkler - Several Seahawks have been known to perform this little ditty that looks like a mix of the chicken dance and a aerobic video move..
  2. Chad Johnson's Proposal - This last season Johnson had a breakout year in terms of scoring and also setting a new standard for end zone celebrations. My favorite of the year was when he ran up to a cheerleader after scoring and asked her to marry him. What a player!
  3. T.O. on the Dallas star - Kinda ironic that he's a Cowboy now. Back then I thought it was a pretty assholish type move but I love to hate the Cowboys and it was pretty funny watching him piss off all those fans.
  4. Joe Horn and his phone - See the picture above. What a punk, but still pretty funny. I think he may have gotten a cell phone deal out of this one.
  5. T.O. mocking Ray Lewis - You know that little dance that Ray Ray does when he gets introduced? I absolutely hate watching him do that so it was pretty great when TO decided to do his own interpretation of Ray's little dance in the end zone last year.
Here is a quote from Chad regarding the NFL's possible rule change:

"Tell the competition committee that Chad said you can't cover 85, and there's no way you can stop him from entertaining."

Thanks Mr. Johnson, looks like us fans have something to look forward to in 06! Maybe someone will get "disgusting" as Joe Buck would say, and pull out a Randy Moss-esque moon job on the crowd!