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Only God knows everything.

I'm not very good at reviewing movies but this week I watched two that I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone that hasn't seen them. It's kinda refreshing when you see a film that makes you think about what's really going on in the world or gives you a pretty good look at the way things used to be. It can also be a bit maddening.. Anyway, on to the movies.

Tonight's film was The Constant Gardener. I've been wanting to see it for awhile.. I think I just thought it looked like a cool movie cause it was another Focus Film that was all arty like. I didn't know that it was about the big pharmaceuticals and all the bad things that they do. The movie had awesome visuals as far as the colors and cinematography were concerned which seems to be normal for a lot of the Focus Films I have seen. It was one of those movies that was really good but at the same time left me angry and frustrated with what goes on over there. The other thing it reminded me of is how much I would love to go see Africa. It just looked so beautiful in this movie. Anyway, give it a shot if you have yet to watch it.

The second movie I saw was North Country. It's really hard to picture what life used to be like for women. If this film even bears a slight resemblance to what women in the workplace had to deal with even 20 years ago it just pisses me off thinking about it.. I know that things aren't perfect these days but thinking about how they used to be makes me feel a little better about where we are at as a society. Charlize Theron was great as usual.

Ok, Enough of the serious crap! I think I might watch Naked Gun or one of the Scary Movies next.