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Say goodbye sunshine..

After what seemed to be the beginning of spring (some nice weather) it's snowing again. I'm not sure how many out of staters there are reading my weblog, but if you aren't from here you must realize that every time it snows in Portland it needs to be reported so bear with me. I know it's only a nice little coat of fresh white stuff on the ground but that's enough to give everyone here the day off and something to talk about. Anyway, the thing that's weird is that its March 9th, it's rare enough that we get snow but in the middle of March?

Anyway, like any true Oregonian that wakes up and sees snow, Colby busted out his digital camera to document the morning's surprise and promptly sent his findings to all his friends. I decided to post a couple of those pictures so everyone could enjoy the March madness going on here.

This week marks the beginning of something new for me, I have given my notice at my part time serving job at McMenamin's and have accepted a job at PF Changs. I have been working for McMenamin's just shy of 5 years now and in about a week and a half it will all be over. I am still working for Keller Williams as a Real Estate Agent as well. So yeah, I am really looking forward to the change and the endless supply of lettuce wraps wont hurt either!