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Breakfast with strangers..

Yesterday I was in the mood for some breakfast when I woke up. I guess I normally don't eat breakfast, just stick with coffee.. Anyway, I decided to go to the Cricket Cafe over on Belmont since it was noon on a Tuesday. Usually I drive by only to leave immediately after seeing 10,000 people standing outside. If you haven't been there the food is awesome, but it is one of these tiny joints where you have to sit really close to people you don't know. I don't know what's wrong with me but I guess I like having my own space. Generally I don't like listening to other peoples conversations but you're kinda forced to when you're sitting right next to them. Here is what I overheard at the table of early twenty somethings sitting next to me.

Guy to girls and other guy:

"After I eat this omelet I will have an extraordinary bowel movement."

First off, I don't know why you would tell your girlfriends that.. Second, I don't really want to hear that while I am eating my breakfast..

Anyway, the food was great. I had a truck driver burrito and it was fantastic. It instantly took over the spot in my heart for "the best breakfast burrito in Portland" that was previously occupied by The Twilight Cafe's Hungry Man burrito. It's always exciting to find another good breakfast burrito.

While we're at it.. Here is my Top Five Breakfest Joints in Portland list:

1. Cricket Cafe - I had to give it to them based solely on the fact that they have the best breakfast burrito in Portland. Well at least the best one that I've had. If you think there's a better one somewhere else then let me know, and it better not have beans in it either!

2. Fat Alberts - I used to go to this popular place in Sellwood a lot when I lived down there. It's another cozy place with excellent food. If you sit at the bar you get a bird's eye view of the preparation of your meal. Fat Alberts probably makes the best omelets in town.

3. The Tin Shed - The food here is great and they have a wonderful outdoor patio if its nice enough to sit outside. This is another 10,000 people waiting outside kinda place though so you better get there early. They have self serve coffee too.

4. The Twilight Cafe - You go here if you want classic truck stop breakfast with really bad service. I recommend the stomach cruncher.. Chicken Fried Steak with hashbrowns, toast and eggs.. It's pretty tasty. Also, don't bring your starbucks in unless you want a good tongue-lashing.

5. Bridges - Another North Portland favorite for a lot of people. There are some crazy people that work there but they are very attentive and nice, as long as you are cool. They also serve stumptown coffee, my favorite.. Bridges has a chorizo filled breakfast burrito that kicks some sausage lovin ass!