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Cathedral Park, Portland Oregon..(I'm stuck Part 2)

Sometimes you just never know what's in store for your day when you wake up and plan it. Today after having my afternoon coffee I decided to head out to Cathedral Park in St. Johns. Cathedral Park is located right underneath the historic St. Johns bridge and got its name from the cathedral shape to the bridge beams. My friend Gabe recommended the park to me and it was pretty cool. It's always kind of fun to hang out under bridges ya know.. Here are some pictures I took while walking around the park and make sure you keep on scrolling if you want to find out what happens next!

After walking around the park for a bit I decided that it would be nice to sit down and read my book. After about a half an hour of this I thought it would be a good idea to go get something to drink and then return for some more relaxation and reading. I headed up to Safeway, got a soda and some cheez its, then hopped back in my car. At this point I decided it might be cool to head down the road and find another cool spot to hang out instead of returning to the park like I had originally planned. Somewhere along that road I saw this shipyard with a crane sitting in it and I decided to try and find my way down there.

Now this is where it gets a little crazy. I knew this probably wasn't a place to hang out and read but I wanted to drive through and check it out anyway. There were no signs saying I shouldn't be down there so why not huh? While making my rounds through the abandoned ship yard my eyes were captivated by the machinery on the river and not necessarily what lay ahead.

Suddenly I realized my car was slowing down and sinking a little bit. With my attention quickly focusing on the pending disaster I realized that I was driving through some pretty nasty mud due to the 2 weeks of rain we've had here. Then, as if the earth was mocking my ability to navigate my Toyota through this maze of mud, the earth swallowed up my tires and my car stopped moving. I was officially stuck in the mud.. Kinda like that "I'm stuck!" website, except there were no hot girls down there mud wrestling.. Just me and my car and some old ship.

I called Gabe right away cause he has 4 wheel drive and I was pretty sure he was the only one who could remove me from this position but he was a good half an hour away from being done with his meeting.. I spent about 20 minutes rocking my car in and out of the ruts trying to get it out. I was able to move a little but really it was just enough to get me stuck in a new position. This is when the cops came rolling down the hill. I was kinda wondering why they were out there rolling through this ship yard, and of course they were wondering the same of me. They were actually pretty nice but they told me I was tresspassing and I shouldn't have come down there. Duh.. They offered to call me a tow but then Gabe came down in his bright red pickup truck and shortly after that I was free. Thanks for saving my ass Gabe! You are a true friend!

I guess the moral of the story is don't go and check out empty shipyards. If you don't get whacked by a Soprano then you might get stuck.