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Council Crest Park, Portland Oregon.

Today I decided to go to someplace in Portland where I've never been. My search led me to Council Crest Park up in the West Hills area. It really was a beautiful day so I'm glad I took the time to go up there. For those of you who haven't been Council Crest is the highest point in the Portland area. The view from up there includes Mt. Hood, Mt Adams, Mt Rainier, St. Helens, the city, Beaverton and the Willamette River. I was also looking for an opportunity to test out some of the various settings on my digital camera. Here are some of the pictures I ended up with:

It's kind of odd that there would be a huge antennae and water tower sitting in the middle of a public park but it made for some fun pictures. This is also Portland's premiere makeout spot according to citysearch. Don't let that alarm you though, I didn't see anyone making out..Just some dogs, families and me reading my book.

Also, I am making it my goal to visit more of the city parks and attractions that I have ignored over the past ten years. In the next few months I am going to try to make this a regular thing in my boring week. If you are interested in tagging along let me know.