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Dreaming of Jets..

I had a dream last night about being in a passenger jet (I think it was a 737) that was flying around like an agile F-14. I've had similar dreams in the past, in fact its not that uncommon for my dreams to have jets in them. Usually they are either flying all crazy like, falling out of the sky, or nearly crashing but not quite. This time it was the flying all weird one. We were in the jet flying like 10 feet off the ground, following highways, flying through spans on the Golden Gate even though we were going to Chicago. It was pretty crazy.

After ditching the plane in the San Francisco bay the pilot and I suddenly realized that someone was trying to kill us, another common theme in my dreams. I cant really remember what we did to get away from the people that were pursuing us but I guess the point is that we did, and I always do. After that we went back to some other jet and realized that we had to fix it. All I remember about this part was burning sugar canes over some sort of liquid. Apparently this was essential to getting the plane up off the ground. Shortly after that I woke up. I always wonder what the hell my dreams mean when I wake up from one like this.