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Fast read..

The other night I went to Fred Meyer to pick up some cat litter and came across one of Dan Brown's older books, Deception Point. I have been wanting to read a book lately so I picked it up and started reading. I'm on day two and I think I have read about 500 pages so far. If you like his quick style of writing and fast paces action/thrillers you should give it a shot. So far there doesn't seem to be any connection to Angels and Demons & The Da Vinci Code except for the writing style. Speaking of The Da Vinci code..Has anyone seen the trailer yet? I'm hoping it at least does the book some justice. So back to the book, here is a little outside praise (Cause I'm a sucker for this stuff) from Publishers Weekly:

"AN EXCELLENT THRILLER. A big yet believable story unfolding at breakneck pace, with convincing settings and just the right blend of likable and hateful characters. A finely polished amalgam of action and intrigue. Brown has done his research, folding in sophisticated scientific and military details that make his plot far more fulfilling than the norm."