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Terry Porters Blazer reunion..

From espn:

Former Trail Blazers guard Terry Porter said he is rounding up potential investors interested in buying the team and the Rose Garden. Owner Paul Allen told The Oregonian newspaper in Los Angeles on Friday night that he has come to terms with selling the troubled team, which has the worst record in the NBA this season and which, he says, has been costing him millions of dollars to keep afloat.

I've never really been a Blazer fan but as a long time NBA fan it would be nice to see them stay here in town and get a solid ownership group to maybe turn the team around. I'd like for them to get back to the early 2000 glory days.. You know, the days when they were good enough to beat the Lakers but just couldn't do it? Those were great times. Robert Horry for three from the corner, Kobe to Shaq alley oop to cap off the 15 point game 7 comeback in the western conference finals.. By the way, I have that years Laker Championship video in case anyone wants to re-live it, I don't have a VCR though so you will have to bring one over.

Anyway, I'm curious how Portland feels about this TP thing. It doesn't really seem like they can get much worse than they are now so hopefully it will be a good thing. Go TP!