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Crab Week: The Deadliest Catch

One of the cooler shows on TV, The Deadliest Catch, just happens to be about Crabs.. Or at least the people that catch them. This show immediately lures you in with televisions best opening song, Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. After that you get to see some seriously crazy guys wander about the Bearing Sea catching crab. After watching this show I am convinced that it takes a certain personality type to be able to perform this job.. Climbing around on stacks of icy pots in sub zero temperatures on a boat in the middle of 40 foot ocean waves just doesn't sound like my cup of tea.. But it sure makes for an interesting show. If you have never taken the time to watch this you should check it out on Tuesday nights.. Since it's on Discovery there are multiple marathons throughout the week as well.

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