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Crab Week: I pinch..

Everywhere I look these days I see Crabs.. It seems like America cant get enough of these multiple legged crustaceans so I decided to host my first ever theme week here at the iStanton Weekly. Over the next week you can look forward to multiple crabby posts and if you're lucky you might even learn something.. or get pinched.

To kick it all off I thought I would let all the Oregonians in the house (holler!) know about a new exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium called Claws. It seems our friends at the coast caught on to this crab business and decided to dedicate a whole exhibit to them. Here is a brief description:

The Claws exhibit focuses mainly on crustaceans, but a few species outside the class are also featured, like the horseshoe crab, which is not a true crab. Crustaceans vary so much in shape, form and behavior that it is difficult to find a definition that lists traits common to all of them. For example, a barnacle looks like no other crustacean. Naturalists have described the barnacle as a shrimp-like animal standing on its head in a limestone house, kicking food into its mouth.

You can visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium's website for more information. I am actually thinking of checking it out myself so if there are any other crab lovers out there that want to go to Newport let me know.

Remember, stay tuned for more Crab fun this week!