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The ESPY's

I finally got to see some of the ESPY's last night. The award show that ESPN does to honor great sports moments and crazy awesome athletes was actually on Wednesday night. But for some stupid reason they wait until Sunday to air the thing.. Three days after announcing to the world who won everything. I really don't get it. This year they had a record 12.1 million people voting on the awards and it seems like the show gets bigger and better every year. I am hoping as ESPN gets closer to global TV domination they might decide to air it live like all the other big award shows.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the 2006 show:

I thought it was awesome that they had Lance Armstrong host the gig. Even better when they brought Mariah Carey out to give him an award followed by Will Farrell serenading him onstage. Great stuff!

Shaun White seemed really excited to be onstage with Carmen Electra. I couldn't tell for sure but it seemed genuine and not scripted. He just kept looking at her and straying away from the teleprompter. If he was putting us on he did a really good job. On a side note, I thought Carmen looked allright..

I didn't get to see the whole show but from what I did see my "Best Dressed" award on the female side goes to Danica Patrick. She even did a little booty shake.

And speaking of dresses.. Mariah Carey gets my "Worst Dressed" award for the show. Why does she keep popping up everywhere anyway?

I can't wait til next years show. Hopefully ESPN will come out bigger and stronger...and if we are lucky we might get to see it when it's actually on!

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