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Las Vegas, Pearl Jam and Boomboxes

My highly anticipated vacation in Vegas has finally come and gone. This last Tuesday Ryan and I went to the warm desert to just chill and to see Pearl Jam play at the MGM Grand on Thursday. The show was pretty awesome. Thanks to Ryan's tenure in the Ten Club (PJ's fan club) we had some pretty great seats on Mike McCreedy's side of the stage. The band was very animated and into the show. Eddie was pretty intoxicated too. The highlight for me was hearing them play Faithfull and Elderly Woman. Anyway, if you have never seen them play you should definitely go if you have the chance. Pearl Jam is really a great band to see live.

The rest of the time there we pretty much walked around and got familiar with everything the strip has to offer. The one dollar beers at the Casino Royale were pretty nice on Wednesday night. I really noticed a lot of change going on in Vegas. It has been several years since I'd spent any time there. All the inexpensive and old casinos have pretty much been demolished making way for brand new mega resorts. A lot of people probably hate this but when you walk through some of these places like Wynn Las Vegas, it's pretty hard not to like it. It just makes me wish I had a lot more money.

Here are some interesting things I noticed on my Vacation:

1. Treasure Island is no longer a family joint.. It's straight sexy now. Let's just say I'm glad we watched the pirate show this time.

2. There are no visible homeless people in Vegas.. Or at least on the strip.

3. Massive amounts of walking is inevitable. My feet and legs felt so wasted by the time the trip was over.

4. The Tropicana is dirty and gross, barely worth 50 bucks a night.. But I did get some sleep there so it all worked out. Apparently they might be blowing it up sometime soon.

5. You can receive nearly everyone's attention on the street at 4am with a boombox on your shoulder.

6. Never go into McDonald's at 4:30 in the morning.. It doesn't matter how hungry you are, it's just not a good idea.

7. There don't seem to be any hookers on the street, but you can reach them by calling 696-9696.. I'm not joking either.

That about sums it all up. I probably had more fun on this trip than I ever had in Vegas.. I'm looking forward to going again in the near future so if any of you cool cat's want to party rockstar style in Vegas then you know who to call! Holler!