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Rockin' in the free world..

Today I returned from my trip to George Washington to see Pearl Jam play two amazing shows. I have been looking forward to this weekend for many months now and I am happy to report that the shows totally rocked and the whole trip went fairly smooth for everyone involved.

We left Portland on Saturday morning and headed into the heat of central Washington.. I don't know what the temperature in Portland was but it was pretty freakin hot up there! Luckily all of my friends have everything you would ever need to survive a weekend in 110+ degree heat.. Things like easy up canopy's and tarps really come in handy when the sun is beating down.

We got up there in time to set up and relax for awhile before the show. Getting in on Saturday night was really messed up thanks to Ticketmaster but once we all got to our seats (15th row on Mike's side) we settled in for a first-rate show. Pearl Jam played three wonderful sets and pretty much went crazy for the last one when they played Baba O'Riley, Dirty Frank and Rockin in the free world. It was really a great night. You can view the setlist for night one here.

On Sunday we spent much of the day trying to avoid the heat. This proved to be really challenging but somehow we all managed to make it through the day. We started by watching Ryan and Gabe show off their frisbee skills.. Later on we drove down the road to stand in the river for about five minutes.. It was pretty hard to think about doing much of anything in that weather though. I heard a rumor that the temperature reached 115 on Sunday so I'm just happy to be alive right now!

The show on Sunday night pretty much rocked my socks off too. I can't really say that one was better than the other.. I'm just happy that we got to hear a wide variety of songs on both nights. Our seats weren't to shabby on Sunday either. We got to sit in Row 20 center stage.

Now that I am done with Pearl Jam shows for the summer I guess it's back to working and golf! Woo hoo!