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Football Week: Receivers

I decided to focus todays Football Week post on the exciting position of NFL wide receivers. These guys are always full of crazy surprises and amazing athletic performances during the course of the season. Today I will give you my top five receivers for the 2006 season so all you fantasy owners better pay attention!

5. Javon Walker (Denver Broncos) - Yeah I know this guy sat out all of last year but I am expecting some big things from Walker this year in Denver. It seems like everyone that makes a stop in Denver ends up having a ring or at least some amazing numbers.

4. Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) - Smith was obviously the best receiver in the league last year averaging nearly 100 yards per game and finishing up the season with 12 td's. There were some weeks where he just looked unstoppable but this year I think some teams will have figured him out (at least a little). I still expect a big year from Steve, just not as good as last years performance.

3. Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) - This year I have decided to subscribe to the "Peyton had an off year" theory. This is why I am putting Wayne so high up on my list. I believe that Manning will come out this year with his guns a blazin' while taking down the competition with TD pass after TD pass. Obviously this benefits Reggie Wayne as far as numbers are concerned. This year will be Reggie's coming out party!

2. Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) - This is where my list gets a little risky. I really think the Cardinals are going to come out and shock the league. Fitz finished the season last year with 1400 yards and 10 td's and I think his numbers are going to get even better this year. Kurt Warner is going to come out and show the league something they haven't seen since he won the MVP in the Super Bowl. With targets like Fitzgerald, Boldin and Edge in the backfeild I really think the Cardinals will shock a lot of people this year.. And Fitzgerald will be right at the top as far as team MVP's are concerned.

1. Terrell Owens (Dallas Cowboys) - I might get a lot of crap for this pick but I'm convinced that T.O. is gonna come on stronger than ever this year. This injury business right now is just a bunch of hype about nothing. He will be ready for the season and will put up HUGE numbers. Now don't get me wrong, I still think this guy is a douchebag but I will still jump at the chance to draft him in my fantasy leagues!

Honorable Mentions: Chad Johnson, Aquan Boldin, Nate Burleson, Randy Moss.. All these guys will have some good years, they just aren't making it to my top five.

And lastly a tip for Fantasy owners: These are solid predictions. Do not listen to anyone that tries to tell you that I don't know what I am talking about. You should base all your picks on my predictions cause that is the only way you will ever truly dominate a fantasy league like I always do.