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The tribe has spoken..

So fall is almost here and you know what that means.. No, I'm not talking about the return of the football season, I'm talking about Survivor! I know I'm an idiot for watching this show but I still enjoy it every time it comes on. This year it sounds like things are going to get a little interesting and perhaps controversial. CBS has announced that there will be 20 contestants and they will be divided into four tribes by race.. Yeah, thats right. There will be a Hispanic, African American, Asian American and then the White tribe.

It sounds kinda crazy to me but they need to do something to shake this show up. Every season just seems to be the same thing over and over, just with new cast members. It will be interesting to see how audiences receive this and how the contestants react to the game being set up this way.

You can read more about this story and see the cast members here.