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What I'm Sweatin'

I'm really liking Studio 60 so far. In fact with the West Wing gone forever I am ready to put this show on top of my best show on TV list.. It should be noted that I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan. Along with TV's best writer you get Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet and Timothy Busfield.. Can you say All Star cast? Yeah baby!

So if you haven't gotten to watch the first two episodes I'd recommend you check it out. I think you can download them at the official Studio 60 site.

Here are a few more things I've been sweatin' lately:

Three 6 Mafia - I kept forgetting that I wanted to check these guys out after watching Hustle and Flow. I was reminded in the pilot of my new favorite TV show where the mafia performed their hit "side 2 side".. Now I'm not gansta by any means.. But these guys make me wanna get my gansta dance on.

Camping - Well specifically with my best friends at Lost Lake in Oregon. I had never been to Lost Lake so it was quite the experience. I will be dedicating an entire post to this in the near future so I won't sweat on it to much here.

The return of iErik - Thats right, one of my favorite bloggers has returned to knock our socks off all over again. For awhile I thought this site was done but Erik has risen from the ashes with a few posts recently. Keep the i (or eye) network alive!