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Doug Barren: Shirtless Golfer

Last week PGA golfer Doug Barren decided to take his shirt off on the golf course. If you haven't seen this yet you should watch the video:

Now I understand the need to go shirtless from time to time but I would just assume that one of those times is not at a PGA tour event. Here is what ESPN had to say about it:

Mired at 2-over in the first round of the Chrysler Championship, Barron sprayed his drive on the par-4 16th hole to the edge of a water hazard, from which he would play his second shot. Here's where things got ugly. Ostensibly in an effort to keep mud from damaging his white golf shirt -- and without thought to cover the garment with, say, a rain jacket -- Barron removed his shirt, playing a shot back to the fairway with the upper half of his 5-foot-9, 170-pound frame exposed for all to see. The swing left his bare right arm caked in mud, though his shoes, pants and hat -- all of which remained attached to his body -- seemed to go unharmed.