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What I'm Sweatin' : the glossy screen edition

Last night I came home with a sleek white box that said MacBook on the front. Fortunately for me there was a shiny new MacBook inside of the box. One of the first things I did was test out the built in iSight camera. The picture up top resulted. I had to drag Chad into it as he was pretty interested in my bright glossy screen too. I've been wanting one of these beddable machines for quite awhile now. Now that I've had some time to play around with it I can report that it is faster and sexier than I ever imagined. Enough about the new Apple, here are few more things I've noticed over the last few days:

Allerca Lifestyle Pets : All you pansies that are allergic to cats can now rest easy. All you need is $4000 and you get a cute little cat that wont make you sneeze! How great is that?

Battlestar Galactica : Lee is all fat now and his Dad has a big hairy stache.. Starbuck is looking all hot with the new hair and number 6 seems to have developed a soft side. The only thing we need now is some good old fashioned Cylon hunting! I'm sure that's right around the corner.

I'm not a huge baseball fan but I've always enjoyed watching the postseason. This year I got a little more into it because of my year long fantasy addiction. Anyway, I've been a fan of the Met's since the infamous Bill Buckner play so it was fun to see them waste the Dodgers. I never really like the Dodgers anyway.. And who wants to root for a team with a porn stache wielding guy as their best player? M-E-T-S METS!

I grew up in Albany so I feel a little bad making fun of my hometown.. But you really can't help it when you hear that homeless people are stealing semi automatic rifles from the police. Homeless people don't need semi automatics, especially in Albany!