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Heart Attack Grill

The other night my Tivo suckered me into watching 20/20 and sure enough John Stossel had an amazing story up his sleeve. He reported on a place in Tempe Arizona called the Heart Attack grill where all the servers wear naughty nurses outfits. Coincidentally they are way more attractive than the hooters girls too. They also have huge artery clogging burgers and french fries that are fried in pure lard. And after you are done eating your "nurse" will wheel you out to your car in a wheelchair. Personally, I think this is the best part.

The story wasn't really just about the fact that such a place exists though.. It was more about how the Arizona State Board of Nursing doesn't like the place. They just aren't down with guys thinking they can have sex with their nurse (I didn't realize this was actually a problem) while shacked up in the hospital. So they did what any group of Americans would do and promptly filed a lawsuit.

So now the owner of the joint is getting a ton more business and has devoted a whole section of his website to all of us naive men that explains the fact that these are not real nurses. Really? I was getting confused there for a few minutes. Sometimes people are so stupid. It actually surprises me that a board of nurses would go after someone like this. Its just one of those battles you will never win.