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NFL Playoff predictions

It's a little late since the Colt's are already beating the Cheifs but I can honestly say that I would have picked the Colt's anyway.. So here goes.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Jets will take down New England in Sunday's game. And as mentioned above I'm taking the Colts over the Chiefs. That brings us to the divisional playoffs on Jan. 13-14. I have the Jets meeting up with the crazy hot Chargers. I will take San Diego in this game. And I believe the Colt's will continue their playoff push past the Baltimore Ravens. Manning will find a way to beat these guys up.

This should make for a great AFC Championship game between the Colt's and the Chargers. I think the Chargers will keep their streak going right into the Super Bowl and Peyton will have to wait yet another year for his coveted ring. I just don't see them being able to deal with LT.


Tonight's game between the struggling Seahawks and Cowboys should be pretty interesting. I'm thinking Seattle will light up the Cowboys to the tune of several touchdowns and multiple Romo sacks. And I really don't see how the Giants could possible beat Philly on Sunday. However, the Eagles playoff push will end in New Orleans against the Saints. In the other divisional match up I am actually going to take the Seahawks on the road in Chicago. I am a Hawk's fan and I know they have been struggling but I am just not convinced that the Bears can do anything unless Grossman actually shows up. He hasn't done that in awhile.

So yeah, the NFC Championship game should be a crazy one between the Seahawks and the Saints. This is where my northwestern loyalty comes to an end. I think the Saints will dispose of the Hawks and go all the way to the Bowl!

The Super Bowl

And finally, if you've made it this far.. The Saints and Chargers in the Super Bowl huh? Sounds like a great match up to me and a wonderful story for the Saints.. I will take the Saints to upset the Chargers in this one but it should be pretty close.

I would suggest not placing all your money on this..Maybe next year if I get it right.