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What I'm Sweatin': Happy New Year Edition

Well It's been awhile since I've given you a dose of what I've been sweatin' so I decided a fresh post would be a great way to usher in the new year.

Brett Favre - If you missed his post game interview last night you can watch it here. It was pretty cool to see Favre and company destroy the bears last night but I'm hoping its not the last time we see him on the field. He obviously still has some game left and I'd love to see him with the Packers for a couple more years.

The return of the blog - A few of my friends have recently announced their return to the blogging world. Carrie recently resurrected hers with a wonderful post, Gabe has reformatted his blog for the 3rd time and Erik is showing off his stache over on ill communication. Keep it up you animals!

The Trojans - USC is in the process of wasting Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Perhaps it's a little early to be celebrating but I'm having a pretty good time watching them put a whippin on the Wolverines.

Winter Television - Well I'm not actually sweatin' whats on now but I'm really sweatin' the shows that are about to return. Two more weeks until Jack Bauer comes back to eliminate some terrorists! Also set to return are Heroes, Prison Break and of course Lost. Phew! It's going to be a busy winter..

And finally I will leave you with the video that has inspired me to bring back the terrific "that's what she said" joke. You gotta love Michael Scott.