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Oregon Coast: Cape Lookout

Yesterday a couple of my friends and I decided to take a day trip to the state park Cape Lookout. I've been wanting to do a hike at the coast now for awhile so I did a little Internet research and thought this place looked pretty appealing. There are three different trails you can hike once you get up to the top. We chose to do the cape trail, a 2.4 mile hike out to the end of a headland that sticks right out into the ocean. As you can see from the pictures it really was a beautiful day but at this time of year the trail is quite muddy. The trail follows the land through the forest and along the side that features some breathtaking views and some pretty steep drop offs. I would say this is a must see spot on the Oregon coast so if you have the chance go check it out. Be prepared for a long hike and some tired legs if you want to make it all the way out to the end, but I'm sure you will find it well worth it.