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What I'm Sweatin' : the welcome back edition

I haven't been feeling all that inspired by anything lately so the posts have been seriously lacking. Well non-existent really. But last night Amelia told me I needed to post something so I decided to break off a little something about what I've been sweatin' over the past few weeks. What better way to make a triumphant return right?

I've never been one to care a whole lot about Alicia Keys.. I appreciate her musical abilities and all but I'm not really into that genre of music. That being said, last night I went to watch Smokin Aces and I was surprised to learn of her ability to look smokin hot.. A new celebrity fantasy girl you ask? I'm gonna have to see some more before she can take over Scarlett's spot but yeah.. She was lookin pretty good in a movie that left a lot to be desired..

The new Apple commercials are all great but last night I saw one that quickly shot up to the top of my list as far as favorites are concerned. This commercial does an excellent job summing up my main frustration with PC's. I haven't been a PC user in quite some time but avoiding them entirely is a pretty hard thing to do. Every time I use one I can't help but wonder how people manage not tearing their hair out during the process.

I know the Mooninites taking over Boston is old news but in my mind it will stand as the best news story of 2007. I just wish I could get my hands on one of the signs but unfortunately I can't see myself parting with $2500. Maybe they will start mass producing them right before the movie. Just remember, The Moon Rulz #1.

It was great watching the Colt's dismantle the Bears on Sunday. I became a Peyton Manning fan a couple of years ago when I played my first season of fantasy football. He sorta threw for 49 touches that year so he did a good job of earning my respect and admiration. It's been fun watching that team grow and get over the hump.

I've recently discovered a fun little show on E! called Starveillance. You should check it out if you like things that make fun of celebrity's and the stupid things they do. It's pretty great. Here's one from youtube starring the former OC star Mischa Barton.

Oh yeah, Lost comes back tonight! Woo Hooo! It's been a long three months of waiting but tonight that will end. Perhaps a follow up post will be in order after this weeks episode. I guess you will just have to stay tuned!