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One of my favorite blogs (returnfalse) recently went off the grid so I decided to honor it's memory by having a little contest. Yes, I did get the idea from said weblog, in fact I almost won the same contest on there last year.. So let me break it down for you:

How do I play?
Participants must figure out the total number and source of the random phrases that appear at the top of my blog next to The iStanton Weekly title. The first person to give me a complete list of the random phrases along with where they came from wins! Some of these are pretty easy and come from different songs, television shows and other things I enjoy.

Remember, these phrases randomly change every time you visit my page so you will most likely have to hit refresh several times in order to see them all. You must have all of them to win so make sure you're thorough!

example (the phrase in red is what we're talking about here):

The iStanton Weekly | Apply directly to the forehead

What are the rules?
Participants must submit their answers in the form of an e mail to me. You can enter as many times as you would like and can use whatever you want to get the answers. Go ahead and Google your night away, see if I care. Just don't ask me for the answers cause I will not give them to you no matter what you have that I might want. Once you submit your answers I will check them against my key and notify you via e mail that you have either won, or to keep trying.

What do I win?
Well every good contest has to have a prize right? For the winner, assuming you're local and like hanging out with me, I will take you out for a nice cup of coffee.. Maybe even a bagel too. Yeah I know, how generous of me right? I'm just that kinda guy.

Happy contesting yall! Get that refresh key going and send me your best guess!