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Radiohead in Portland!

If you want them to come to Portland read the following bit of info on how you might help get them here:

sure would be nice, huh?

it could happen.

i recently interviewed radiohead guitarist ed o'brien who professed his love for our city (stating his 'mate' johnny marr recently bought a house here and how he loves the fact we're so close to 'gorgeous scenery' etc).

well, how come no portland date on the upcoming tour?

'because i'd probably end up staying there' was o'brien's response. cute.

i've since contacted the band's management and let's just say that it has encouraged me to get AT LEAST 5,000 email signatures.

if you'd like radiohead to play portland on the second leg of their u.s. tour later in '08 please email:

i pledge not sell your email address to mitt romney or any other undesirables.


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